Mackerel sky snapshots

06 Jul

To wash the dirt sands of city we took the NH-7 highway heading towards chikaballapur. On the way we stopped at lush green fields near the Jain temple.

Some of the snapshots

Fields of Chikballapur

Fields of Chikballapur

The Sun at this point decided to play hide and seek with the clouds.

Hide and Seek

The pale rays of the sun were reflected on the quivering coconut leaves and created a spectacular sight in itself.

Sunlight on the trees

The dark clouds, the half hidden sun and the shaky leaves created a magical moment and connected us to a higher power.

Fully hidden sun

The birds were heading back home and the cool strong breeze was announcing the arrival of rains. so we decided to head back home ourselves.

Note:As much as I would love to take credit for these photographs the truth is they have been taken by my husband.

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