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Being one with nature is easy. Just breakout out of Bangalore traffic and head outskirts.
You will instantly feel one with nature as I did.

This Saturday headed out towards Nandi Hills. Our destination was not Nandi hills but it
was a small temple of Hanuman on the way to Nandi hills.
The smiling Hanuman stone statue, the distant hills and the rolling fields will transform
you to a different realm; i.e a promise.

Picture of serenity

Picture of serenity

Looking at the tilled fields you can sense the effort the farmer has put behind it. Here I
crib for a small kitchen work saying it is back breaking and there I can actually see the
farmer toiling day in and out to produce crop which we take for granted.
The fertile fields

The fertile fields

With this feeling came a sense of gratitude that to ensure our well being some unknown
person puts in his sweat.
After this revelation came a sense of peace and I simply watched the play of clouds and
sun in the sky above the fields.
Clouds covering the glowing sun

Clouds covering the glowing sun

Headed back to Bangalore walking on a railway track adjacent to the fields.
The walk brought our childhood memories in full force.
Really rejuvenated we headed back to Bangalore.
To reach this place: Follow the Nandi hills route taking the Bangalore- Devanhalli- Nandi hills.
Request: Please do not throw plastics and cans and destroy the peace of this place.


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The aromatic Eucalyptus oil

Having a blocked nose? Then inhale drops of eucalyptus oil in steaming water and lo your sinuses are bound to open giving you instant relief. Such is the power of eucalyptus oil that it is widely used as analgesic, an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent..

Eucalyptus tree

Eucalyptus tree

So when I saw rows of eucalyptus trees lined en-route Kolar I could not resist picking up few leaves myself.  I broke the leaf in to two and lo I could smell the oil. This led me to wonder how to get the potent oil. And when I researched this is what I found.

You can make eucalyptus oil at home just by crushing the leaves and storing them in an airtight jar. Pour almond oil over the leaves so as to totally cover the leaves. Then prick two vitamin E capsules and put it in the jar. This acts as a preservative for the leaves. Now leave the jar near the window for a fortnight and then stain the mixture. Store the oil in a colored bottle to make the oil last for longer duration.

What can you use this oil for? Eucalyptus oil is antiseptic, antibacterial, anti inflammatory and analgesic agent. So you can inhale the oil in steaming water to clear cold, coughs, headaches etc. But keep in mind that high doses can be harmful and children are more susceptible to such types of poisoning.

You can use eucalyptus oil in other ways too.

  • You can use it as a car freshener. Just don’t throw the freshener after it is empty. Fill it with few drops of this oil and see the fragrance filling your car.
  • For blocked noses, congestion in throat and headache put few 3-4 drops of oil in steaming water and inhale.
  • Putting a few drops of oil in a small bowl in your living room drives the mosquitoes away.
  • The oil can also be used for removing grease stains from clothes.

So the next time you see a eucalyptus tree don’t forget to smell this fragrant oil. Such things make travel more interesting and educational.


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Mackerel sky snapshots

To wash the dirt sands of city we took the NH-7 highway heading towards chikaballapur. On the way we stopped at lush green fields near the Jain temple.

Some of the snapshots

Fields of Chikballapur

Fields of Chikballapur

The Sun at this point decided to play hide and seek with the clouds.

Hide and Seek

The pale rays of the sun were reflected on the quivering coconut leaves and created a spectacular sight in itself.

Sunlight on the trees

The dark clouds, the half hidden sun and the shaky leaves created a magical moment and connected us to a higher power.

Fully hidden sun

The birds were heading back home and the cool strong breeze was announcing the arrival of rains. so we decided to head back home ourselves.

Note:As much as I would love to take credit for these photographs the truth is they have been taken by my husband.

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