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Cambridge is mainly a university town located at north east of London. It is home to many famous colleges like King’s college, Trinity college, St John’s college, Magdalene college etc. The city is dominated by colleges and chapels and looks awe-inspiring.

Cambridge city

Cambridge city

Cambridge is home to two major universities, University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin university.King’s college Magdalene college are included in the University of Cambridge. Other important colleges like Trinity college, St John’s college, Queen’s college(the rival of King’s college), Peterhouse(oldest college established in 1284) are also well known here.

King's college chapel

King’s college chapel

The major attractions that we visited in Cambridge were the
Fitzwilliam Museum: You can get to see art and antique collections from all over the world like Egypt, Greece, Rome, Cyprus, china etc. From treasure coins to stunning ceramic, from medals to manuscripts the treasures exhibited from all over the world will take your breathe away. That is why this museum is rightly called the monument of first importance of the nation. If you wish for detailed explanation you can attend the introductory tour which takes place every Saturday.
Sedgwick Museum: If rocks, minerals, and fossils fascinate you then this is the museum which you must visit. You get to see more than 1 million collection of rocks and minerals. what’s more you can have a look at 1728 fossil collection of John Woodward. You can also see strange creatures, dinosaurs almost 540 million years old in this museum.
Botanical garden of Cambridge: The botanical garden houses around 8000 different plant species in 40 acres of land. img_6293

The lush greenery, the small water bodies, the colorful hues of flowers…it was sheer delight to the senses.


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