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Brighton and Beachy Head

Beachy Head:

Beachy Head brings back memories of Enid Blyton days with its sparkling blue waters, chalk headlands and its old light house. Good old smuggler stories and cave adventures pass through me as I view the sea located serenely beneath the high cliffs.

Beachy Head,South Coast of Britain

Beachy Head

It has an alluring beauty with its high chalk cliffs and undulating downs which makes it a sheer joy for a nature walker.
Beachy Head is located in south coast of England near the town Eastbourne. It is one of the highest chalk cliffs in Britain. The story behind the formation of the cliffs is an interesting one. It is said that the Beachy Head area was under the sea some 65 million years ago. As Ice Age ended the level of sea water rose forming these cliffs.
Even today these cliffs are constantly getting eroded by high winds and sea waves which target the lower parts of the cliff.
It is amazing to see the limestone of the hills, touch and observe the chalk layers.

Chalk cliffs, Beachy Head

Chalk cliffs, Beachy Head

And it is sheer joy to trapeze the downs of the hills.
Many noted films have used Beachy head as reference. Notable among them is”The Living Daylights ” a James Bond film.


Cold winds, drizzle of rain greeted us when we reached Brighton. What a deary way to start the day or so I thought.
The rain was a bit troublesome but was definitely not a hampering element as it showcased the Brighton beach splendidly .In fact the heavy winds, the dashing rain added to the beauty of Brighton sea as it came crashing towards the coast.
Brighton is located in the south coast of England and has emerged as a popular sea bathing destination right from the 18th century.Today it is famous for its vibrant night life.

What can you view in Brighton? Plenty if the report of is anything to go by.

But we had time just to visit the Royal Pavilion and take a walk through the narrow Brighton lanes. The Royal Pavilion was a sea side palace of prince Regent. The palace is famous for its oriental style. With domes, towers and imported Chinese oriental pieces the palace is a symbol of luxury and opulence. You will be mesmerized by its interior decorations, gardens and springs.

The lanes are a wonderful way to explore Brighton as it is a twisted maze featuring quaint shops, antique stores, jewelery etc. The Bohemian north lanes of Brighton showcases some funky shops like African drums, Kites,Kitsches to ethnic pottery, handicrafts, tribal textiles etc.

A walk on the Brighton piers is also worth it as there are plenty of shops and fun games vying for your attention.Ghost rides, Merry go rounds( for the kids:-), Hurricane experience are some of the experiences which you must try out. And don’t forget to savor the Banana crepe and the hot doughnuts.

All in all a mind blowing experience;what with the bustling shops, sweet savories and the light drizzle coupled with the misty wind from the sea.




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